Sound guidance for your voice

As a singer, I know your frustration. I’ve been through similar struggles that you might be facing right now – whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned artist. I remember the feeling of wanting to level up your singing, but not having a clue where to start. 

Like many, I always thought a powerful sound is created by pushing hard or yelling. Needless to say, I’ve had my share of voice strain and even ended up with bleeding vocal cords after countless nights of pushing too hard.

My pursuit of vocal mastery has involved investing a lot of time and money in various singing courses and teachers. But it’s like being lost in a maze, everyone claiming to hold the key, yet leaving you with more questions than answers. Very few teachers back then, and even now, know how to sing rock without pushing or causing strain. And the few who do know, don’t describe it in a way where you can visualize and implement the techniques easily without damaging your throat.

So, I do what I do best. I deconstructed the voice, learned the fundamentals, learned how I was forcing the note, and then I figured out how to shape the voice instead. The same sound, as light and simple as possible.

I’ve spent a lot of time with my students deconstructing the voice and helping them create a powerful sound as well as a deep understanding of the voice. Over time, I’ve put together the best techniques and methods that have taken them from struggling to successful, confident singers. These methods not only help reclaim your voice after injury or illness but also allow you to explore new dimensions of singing – with control and confidence.

Now I want to put this knowledge out into the world to help you and others like you avoid the long, hard, and painful road of trial and error that I had to go through.

My journey has been a blend of persistence, learning from various sources, and honing techniques that work. I’m here to share my insights and help you navigate your own path. No need to stumble through the guesswork like I did – I’ve distilled years of experience into a comprehensive guide. Let’s walk this journey together, and I’m here as a guide every step of the way.

I’ve taken voice lessons over ten years with three other vocal coaches, before I started with Rock Singing Lessons, and none of them got me to feel and understand the fundamentals of singing as you have. The images and metaphors you use make a lot of sense, and I’ve felt my voice improving consistently from our first lesson. You’ve given me a lot of confidence, not just with singing, but in my voice in general. I was seriously considering quitting before I started lessons with you, and I’m glad I made one last try.
Lee K.

Products Released:

  • Rock Singing Complete
  • Extreme Singing: Distortion & Screaming
  • Your Band Doesn’t Need a Record Deal
  • What They Don’t Tell You About Your Music Career
  • Rock Band Success Coaching (15-month online course with Alex Staropoli)
  • Becoming Unforgettable: A Rock Band’s Guide to Image and Branding
  • How to Find the Right Band Members
  • How to Become a Better Live Band (with Alex Staropoli)
  • Rock Band stage Presence Tips (with Alex Staropoli)
  • Rock Band Success Test (with Alex Staropoli)
  • How to Turn Your Rock Band Into A Success (with Alex Staropoli)
  • Incredible Presence: Evaluating Your Band’s Image and Performance
  • Rockstar Mindset’s Band Booster Pack
  • Recording Your Album (with James Scott)
  • Your Band Sucks – and so do you (Illustrator, with James Scott)

Other published work:

  • Why No One Cares About Your Band (with Amidei) – Colorado Music Buzz, December 2011
  • Why Your Band Will Fail (with Amidei) – Colorado Music Buzz, February 2012

Recordings Released:
Guest Drum Programmer, The Zheroes – Self-titled [EP](2017)
Guest Keyboardist, Cyclocosmia – Deadwood [LP](2016)
The Silent Still – Masquerade [LP](2014)
The Silent Still – Acoustic EP [EP](2014)
Guest Singer and Pianist, Cyclocosmia – Exit Music (For A Film) [single](2014)
Guest Programmer and Keyboardist, Cypher – Self-titled [EP](2011)
The Silent Still – I’ll Be Home For Christmas [single](2010)
The Silent Still – Press Play [EP] (2010)
Guest Singer, Cypher – Self-titled EP (2009)
Lights On USA Charity Compilation – Smoke, Boxes, & Mirrors (2008)
Guest Keyboardist, Greg X – Twilight Etude [single](2008)
Guest Keyboardist – The Burning Is Here (2006)
Guest Singer, U & i – That’s Nice Kid (2005)
I Am, Surrender (2001)
I Am, Unofficial (2000)
Rune’s Law Inc’s Wayfarer Infinity – Title Track [single](1997)
I Am, Live (1997)
Human/Rhythm Circus (1996)
Human/Rhythm Circus – LightForce TV theme song [single](1995)
Human/Rhythm Circus – Save My Life [EP](1995)
Guest Keyboardist and composer, Jeremy – Self-titled (1995)
Shekina (1994)

Videos Released:
The Silent Still – Longest Night (2013)
The Silent Still – To Those I Left Behind, Live in Studio (2012)
The Silent Still – Yesterday. Remembering 9-11 (2011)
The Silent Still – Live at The Bluebird (2011)
The Silent Still – I’ll Be Home For Christmas (2010)
Human/Rhythm Circus – Where (1995)

Contracted/Guest Composer:
Bnei Baruch (2008 – 2009)
– YES Cable Channel 66 Israel
– ARI Films
– KabFM

American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP)
National Association of Record Industry Professionals (2008-2012)

Production & Engineering:
(P = Producer; R = Recording; M = Mixing; F = Mastering and Finishing)
Cyclocosmia – Deadwood [LP](2016) F
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The Silent Still – Acoustic EP [EP](2014) P R M F
The Silent Still – Longest Night [single](2013) P R M F
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Original Music by Draven Grey