Sound guidance for your voice and music career

Draven also has experience as a producer, recording engineer, and rock band success coach. You get sound guidance for your voice AND your music career. Imagine the frustration you’re avoiding by working with an experienced professional!

With over two decades as a musician, singer/song-writer and composer, he is able to guide and challenge you.  Now you will be able to navigate around the obstacles that have held you back from total vocal control.  Draven specializes in identifying the student’s vocal issues and strengths.  From an insanely deep understanding of the voice, he detects which issues you are having and customizes techniques to develop YOUR sound.  You will know what you need to do and why. No more guessing!  He trains your voice to obey you.  You are in CONTROL!

Draven Grey has traveled the rough road of the music industry, not just as a performer, but as a producer, recording engineer, and rock band success coach.  You get sound guidance for your voice AND the tools you need for your music career.

This is why Rock Singing Lessons is sought after by many serious rock vocalists.  Join those that have learned to build a powerful and unique voice.

Draven Grey has been singing and performing solid vocal techniques for well over two decades. He currently lives in Denver for where he performs his own original music with the hard rock band, The Silent Still. But he started his journey the same way most singers do…frustrated with his voice. So he studied his voice. A lot. He went through years and loads of stuff that didn’t work. In that time, he found a few key gems that will help you take control of your sound.

No other vocal training covers the depths and challenges of rock singing. As a rock singer and TVS Certified Instructor, Draven Grey has an exhaustive understanding of the rock voice and knows how to get students to sing with power. You will know what exercises to do and why to do them. Exercises specifically tailored to your voice.

Friendly, knowledgeable, professional. Provides personalized feedback and effective direction. Would recommend to anyone who wants to improve their vocal technique and find their own sound.

David D.

More about rock singing expert Draven Grey

From sharing the stage with high-profile artists in front of tens of thousands of people, to helping relatively unknown rock artists become amazing, music is a driving force in Draven’s life. He has opened for many Major Label acts, written music for film and television, and entertained concert crowds in the tens of thousands. He believes that music holds the power to bare one’s soul, comfort the broken, connect divided worlds, and bring a voice to the voiceless. Music is his passion, and using its power to change lives is his craft.

Draven was a music director for several organizations throughout the 90’s, and played keyboards for Organic Recording Artist, Human, in the mid 90’s. He has written music for Games, Film and Television, Wayfarer Infinity, as well as produced, recorded, mixed, mastered, and played for, artist releases across the world. He has a long history in the music profession and in helping other artists realize their dreams.

For many years, he worked an Artist Development Specialist and Rock Band Success Coach for Rockstar Mindset LLC, through MindRock Records LLC, both coaching bands in their career and developing self-study courses that do the same. In 2009, Draven joined with Alex Staropoli of the band, Rhapsody of Fire, to create powerful resources and online coaching programs covering all aspects of creating a successful and long-lasting music career for rock bands.

In 2013, he was named “The Voice of Old Colorado City” for his voice-over work. And in 2015, he was honored with “The Best of Thumbtack” for the feedback he was getting online for his singing lessons through Rock Singing Lessons.

Draven has also worked as a freelance recording, mixing, and mastering engineer, a film and television composer, and a studio musician. He also has training in Business Management, Music Business, Marketing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Neuro-Associative Conditioning, Relational-Counseling, Leadership Principles, Nonviolent Communication, Life-Coaching, and Creativity Coaching.

Draven’s work has been described as passionate and sometimes brutally honest, but most of all, he is a trusted guide. He helps you define your dreams, and then makes your dreams his own.  With his help, you examine yourself deeply, articulate your goals, and lay out a clear path to get there. With hard work and a high sense of integrity, Draven has placed himself as a friend, guide, and encouraging voice in an often cruel industry.

Products Released:

  • Rock Singing Complete
  • Extreme Singing: Distortion & Screaming
  • Your Band Doesn’t Need a Record Deal
  • What They Don’t Tell You About Your Music Career
  • Rock Band Success Coaching (15-month online course with Alex Staropoli)
  • Becoming Unforgettable: A Rock Band’s Guide to Image and Branding
  • How to Find the Right Band Members
  • How to Become a Better Live Band (with Alex Staropoli)
  • Rock Band stage Presence Tips (with Alex Staropoli)
  • Rock Band Success Test (with Alex Staropoli)
  • How to Turn Your Rock Band Into A Success (with Alex Staropoli)
  • Incredible Presence: Evaluating Your Band’s Image and Performance
  • Rockstar Mindset’s Band Booster Pack
  • Recording Your Album (with James Scott)
  • Your Band Sucks – and so do you (Illustrator, with James Scott)

Other published work:

  • Why No One Cares About Your Band (with Amidei) – Colorado Music Buzz, December 2011
  • Why Your Band Will Fail (with Amidei) – Colorado Music Buzz, February 2012

Recordings Released:
Guest Drum Programmer, The Zheroes – Self-titled [EP](2017)
Guest Keyboardist, Cyclocosmia – Deadwood [LP](2016)
The Silent Still – Masquerade [LP](2014)
The Silent Still – Acoustic EP [EP](2014)
Guest Singer and Pianist, Cyclocosmia – Exit Music (For A Film) [single](2014)
Guest Programmer and Keyboardist, Cypher – Self-titled [EP](2011)
The Silent Still – I’ll Be Home For Christmas [single](2010)
The Silent Still – Press Play [EP] (2010)
Guest Singer, Cypher – Self-titled EP (2009)
Lights On USA Charity Compilation – Smoke, Boxes, & Mirrors (2008)
Guest Keyboardist, Greg X – Twilight Etude [single](2008)
Guest Keyboardist – The Burning Is Here (2006)
Guest Singer, U & i – That’s Nice Kid (2005)
I Am, Surrender (2001)
I Am, Unofficial (2000)
Rune’s Law Inc’s Wayfarer Infinity – Title Track [single](1997)
I Am, Live (1997)
Human/Rhythm Circus (1996)
Human/Rhythm Circus – LightForce TV theme song [single](1995)
Human/Rhythm Circus – Save My Life [EP](1995)
Guest Keyboardist and composer, Jeremy – Self-titled (1995)
Shekina (1994)

Videos Released:
The Silent Still – Longest Night (2013)
The Silent Still – To Those I Left Behind, Live in Studio (2012)
The Silent Still – Yesterday. Remembering 9-11 (2011)
The Silent Still – Live at The Bluebird (2011)
The Silent Still – I’ll Be Home For Christmas (2010)
Human/Rhythm Circus – Where (1995)

Contracted/Guest Composer:
Bnei Baruch (2008 – 2009)
– YES Cable Channel 66 Israel
– ARI Films
– KabFM

American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP)
National Association of Record Industry Professionals (2008-2012)

Production & Engineering:
(P = Producer; R = Recording; M = Mixing; F = Mastering and Finishing)
Cyclocosmia – Deadwood [LP](2016) F
The Silent Still – Masquerade [LP](2014) P R M F
The Silent Still – Acoustic EP [EP](2014) P R M F
The Silent Still – Longest Night [single](2013) P R M F
The Silent Still – Yesterday. Rememering 9-11 [single](2011) P R M F
The Silent Still – I’ll Be Home For Christmas [single](2010) P R M F
The Silent Still – Press Play [EP](2010) P R M F
Cypher – Self-titled EP (2009) P R M F
Draven Grey – Smoke, Boxes & Mirrors [single](2008) P R M
Varlet/Lilly Scott (2008) R M
Nancy H. – No Signal [single](2008) M
The Burning Is Here (2006) P R M F
Artist at the Scene (2006) R M F
Snipe-n-Spiktakula – More Than a Woman [single](2006) R M F
U and i – That’s Nice Kid (2005) P R M F
The Last Starfighter (2004) R M
Dead Somber (2004) R M F
Matthew Donovan – Live (2004) R M
Christian Life Community Church (2003) R M F
The David Hunter Band (2003) R M F
Eternal Life (2003) M
The Last Starfighter (2003) R M
Angela Kitzman (2002) R M
I Am – Unofficial (2000) R