Solid Rock Vocals and Distortion

Meet Drew Cope, a talented singer who lives for creating and performing music. He has played in front of more than a thousand people with famous bands like Winger and Warrant and has opened for other big-name acts and collaborated with numerous musicians to write and perform music.

Throughout his journey, Drew has had the opportunity to directly collaborate with notable bands such as Immortal Synn, New Familiar Feeling, Thoughtcrimes, Beatnix, Draghoria, and Darkest Void. These experiences have provided him with valuable insights and growth that he passes along to his students.

In addition to being a singer, Drew is skilled in playing the guitar, bass guitar, and drums. He also attended CU Denver’s Music Production Master’s Program and has used his skills in production, mixing and mastering to help the local Denver band, Greater Flood, record and mix their drums for their debut album called “Gator Blood.”

Drew’s passion for music has taken him on tours across the United States with the band Immortal Synn. He traveled with them over the course of two summers, managing the bands tasks to ensure everything ran smoothly. He also took charge of networking and reaching out to other bands they met to arrange future shows for upcoming tours.

Drew brings his love for expressing yourself powerfully in music to Rock Singing Lessons. As a talented musician with a wealth of experience in rock vocals, distortion, songwriting, and the music industry, his dedication to music and him students has helped aspiring singers achieve their dreams.

I’ve been training my voice for ten years now. I’ve worked with a lot of well-known teachers. I came to Rock Singing Lessons looking to make my voice more versatile, specifically for rock-based music. I’ve learned a lot about compression, distortion, and how to apply this knowledge to my songs.
Chris G.