In this second video of Rock Singing Basics we cover:

  • What is bridging and connecting the voice?
  • How to bridge and connect the voice
  • Choking on high notes, opening the throat or stabilizing the larynx
  • Belting vs yelling
  • Singing Lyrics up high (Better over time with more control/coordination and strength, Melissa Cross “mahnahlah, pahptakah”, changing vowels using the tongue, using relaxed speech, analyzing lyrics)
  • Isolating the TA muscles for extremely high notes (if you can sing it in head voice, you can strengthen and control the TA’s to sing it in full voice, otherwise there’s a different exercise to extend your head voice range)
  • Stick tongue out to test TA range/strength
  • Using “Eeyah” to expand mixed range, build musculature
  • Using Larynx dampening and stabilization, and “Ha” to overcome choking

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