Why the benefits of a flat-rate payment plan far outweighs a pay-as you go plan.

Studies have shown that students that treat music lessons as a course of study and curriculum are more consistent, more committed, and on average tend to get more results. You are paying for vocal training, not just vocal lessons.
Here are the benefits of the flat-rate payment system
  • You get exactly what you pay for. The monthly payment amount is divided evenly and charged each month in advance. No more guessing at how much you need to pay for lessons each month. Now you will always know exactly what you’ll be charged each month so there are no surprises. This will make budgeting for you much easier by knowing you will be paying the same predictable amount each month.
  • Some months you might get an extra lesson. In months that are 5 weeks of lessons, you will get an extra lesson without paying extra that month.
  • A substantial increase in your results. As stated above. studies have shown that viewing vocal growth as a course of study rather than a hodge podge of lessons, free videos, and courses will yield regular results. When you become serious about a goal and you commit to training, it’s almost impossible not to see results!

“I love the simplicity and consistency of it!”

Yes, life is chaotic and unpredictable, but students that train with regular recurring lessons are more likely to get momentum with their voice. Again, you’re not just taking lessons, but you’re training your voice to achieve a powerful level of control. Check out our simple and straight-forward rates or request a lesson to get on your own way.