Michael Amidei

As a vocalist and musician for over three decades, Michael Amidei has performed to crowds large and small in genre spanning fashion; from rock to opera, from opera to western, to metal to pop, from pop to country. He is a musical journeyman, with a lifelong dedication to understanding and unlocking the creative voice inside him and others.

Singing with bands from his early teens on, Michael found himself frustrated by his ability (or lack of) to stay on pitch, breathe correctly, and the constant strain that hindered him. He felt as if there was something blocking his own expression through the music. It wasn’t until he enlisted the help of an old master vocal teacher who lived high in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado that he discovered the answers and set off a passion for studying the human voice.

Within less than a year, he was performing as an opera singer (as well as with multiple other musical projects) and has never looked back since, forging a career as a professional vocalist. Along the way, he studied with other teachers and multiple vocal methodologies in his quest to understand the why(s) and the how(s) of great singing.

A Musician, Not Just a Teacher

After touring throughout Europe as a singer, Michael returned to his home state of Colorado to sing with the world famous Flying W Wranglers, the second oldest western music band in the world. While there, he performed for hundreds to thousands of people seven night per week, recorded multiple albums, and had the honor of being one of the members included when the group was inducted into the Western Music Hall Of Fame.

Since then, Michael has worked as a composer & songwriter, a musical & theatrical director, musical educator in K-8 schools, music writer, music industry instructor, and vocal coach.

No other vocal training covers the depths and challenges of rock singing. As a rock singer with decades of experience, Michael has a solid understanding of the rock voice and knows teach so you can have the same control and power. He is able to guide and challenge as you overcome the obstacles that have held you back from developing your unique sound. Michael specializes in identifying the student’s vocal issues and strengths and finding creative methods to address these issues. You will know exactly what and how to do the specific exercises that will improve your voice. No more guessing! 

This is why so many serious students choose to learn to sing with Michael Amidei. Join those that have learned to build a powerful and unique voice.