Lesson Breakdown

[ezcol_1quarter][/ezcol_1quarter] [ezcol_3quarter_end]PRIVATE SINGING LESSONS
Working directly with an instructor gives you the instant feedback you need. No course can compare. In-person voice lessons for students in Denver. Over 80% of students are online and are getting amazing results! [/ezcol_3quarter_end]

[ezcol_1quarter][/ezcol_1quarter] [ezcol_3quarter_end]PRACTICE POWERFULLY
This is important. Practice only the top rock vocal techniques to build strength and power. Exercises specifically designed and tested for contemporary/alternative/modern/rock genres. [/ezcol_3quarter_end]

[ezcol_1quarter][/ezcol_1quarter] [ezcol_3quarter_end]SCIENCE BEHIND THE VOICE
Build from solid vocal principles of breath support and proper vocal placement.We’ll break down complex vocal mechanics into easily understandable exercises. Not only will you gain a deeper understanding of your voice, but also how to control it.[/ezcol_3quarter_end]

[ezcol_1quarter][/ezcol_1quarter] [ezcol_3quarter_end]FULL VOICE ASSESSMENT
You’ll probably be surprised that you sing better than you think![ We’ll test your range, pitch, placement and coordination. Get an honest look at your needs, strengths, and challenges.[/ezcol_3quarter_end]

[ezcol_1quarter][/ezcol_1quarter] [ezcol_3quarter_end]CUSTOMIZED VOCAL TRAINING
Build vocal confidence by developing your own sound. Whether you want to extend your range, belt with power, add grit to your voice, or learn scream with the best of them – we’ll focus on your specific music goals!

[ezcol_1quarter][/ezcol_1quarter] [ezcol_3quarter_end]

Gain real-vocal experience. Implement the techniques you’ve learned by singing through songs you want to sing. You will receive objective feedback immediately.[/ezcol_3quarter_end]