Vocal Confidence.

Remove tension in your voice. Learn proper vocal placement so you can sing and scream for hours – without injury.

One-On-One Training

Private Singing Lessons

Working directly with an instructor gives you the instant feedback you need. No course can compare!

Proven Exercises

Practice Powerfully

This is important. Practice only the top rock vocal techniques to build strength and power. Exercises specifically designed and tested for alternative, rock, contemporary, hardcore, and pop genres.

Solid Music Foundation

Science Behind the Voice

Build from solid vocal principles of breath support and proper vocal placement. We’ll break down complex vocal mechanics into easily understandable exercises. Not only will you gain a deeper understanding of your voice, but also how to control it.

Vocal Evaluation

Full Voice Assessment

You’ll probably be surprised that you sing better than you think! We’ll test your range, pitch, placement and coordination. Get an honest look at your needs, strengths, and challenges.

Tailored to You

Customized Vocal Training

Build vocal confidence by developing your own sound. Whether you want to extend your range, belt with power, add grit to your voice, or learn scream with the best of them – we’ll focus on your specific music goals!
Direct Music Application

Apply Your Learning

Gain real-vocal experience. Implement the techniques you’ve learned by singing through songs you want to sing. You will receive objective feedback immediately.


If you have not made the progress you’re looking for, it is not your fault.  There is nothing wrong with your voice.  Let me repeat. You can learn to sing better starting today.

Many great singers struggled for years before they gained control over their sound.  It usually took the guidance and feedback of an experienced coach to overcome the obstacles in their voice.

Take the guesswork out of developing your voice. Request a lesson today.


Rock Singing Lessons is considered by many to be the most complete vocal training for serious rock singers. Immediately improve your ability to sing, scream, and belt with power. Even after the first few lessons, you will have a deeper understanding of your voice and how to control it. The techniques work so well that musicians that have never belted, screamed or sang in pitch are now amazed with their voice.


How long it will take depends on your current experience, the amount you practice, how quickly you learn to isolate muscle groups, and a number of other factors. Students that dedicate themselves to practicing regularly can experience noticeable results as early as 2 to 8 weeks. This is because you will always know what to practice and why. From the very first lesson, you can finally begin to take control over your voice in ways you never thought possible.

Want a jumpstart on your voice? Check out our courses and free video series that will help you prepare for training. Then we will able to hit the ground running and save you valuable time in developing your voice!


The biggest questions we hear again and again are: How do online lessons work? AND Will I get as much out of online lessons as I would in-person lessons? The short answer is yes, and in fact all our students are online. But before you sign up for voice lessons, let’s take an honest look at the benefits and challenges of online singing lessons to see if they’re a good fit for you… [read more]


Rock Singing Lessons contains years of distilled knowledge and multiple instructors. You literally get thousands of dollars worth of vocal training. Others have happily paid $275/lesson for expert rock vocal training. For less than half the price of other expert trainers, you will learn the most powerful techniques so you can sing with power across your full range. We would love to help you take the guesswork out of your voice.

We offer a simple and straight forward flat-rate payment system. For more about the benefits to our students. Read this article. Weekly and biweekly lessons have been the favorite choice for those that want to learn at a consistent pace. These plans are paid monthly. One-off lessons allow greater flexibility in your schedule and are paid per lesson.

Rock Singing Lessons Prices

My experience was fun, professional, and I received a ton of value! I was able to sing notes I didn’t even think were possible after just one lesson! I learned how to extend my range, conceptualize and visualize how to place and shape the sound. Most of all I have a confidence in my voice that I CAN sing like I’ve always desired. It was a great experience and I’m excited for future lessons!

Michaele B.

For serious students who want to quickly overcome the limitations in your voice