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I have fixed my scream and opened up my singing range to a level I never could have imagined. If you are looking for great vocal coaches with outstanding knowledge of the craft and industry look no further!

Tim Graham

Lead Singer, Rozu

Your Vocal Experts

Michael Amidei

As a vocalist and musician for over three decades, Michael Amidei has performed for crowds large and small in genres ranging from rock to opera, from opera to western, from metal to pop. He has written, recorded, and performed professionally. He has a lifelong dedication to understanding and unlocking your creative voice. [Read More]

Matt Sutton

Matt Sutton has dedicated his life to the study of voice. Spending over ten years studying different genres and styles, he has developed a solid methodology to train your voice. With a strong foundation in classical, rock, metal and pop, Matt has the tools necessary to not only improve the voice you have but develop the voice you want. [Read More]

Draven Grey

Draven Grey has been singing and performing solid vocal techniques for well over two decades. As a Rock Singing Coach, he covers the depths and challenges of rock singing. As a rock singer and TVS Certified Instructor, Draven Grey has an exhaustive understanding of the rock voice and knows how to get students to sing with power and control. [Read more]