See what our students have accomplished to see if Rock Singing Lessons is a good fit for you…

Increased range and improved tone

I’ve taken singing lessons from a handful of teachers over the years. None of them were bad and all of them bring something unique to the table. However, Rock Singing Lessons is hands down the first place I would recommend to anyone seeking to improve their voice. I initially wanted to learn how to “scream,” but I immediately learned they have much more to offer. Since taking lessons for the past few months I have increased my range, improved my tone, and have a new perspective on things that makes difficult things possible and easy things even easier.


Matthew B.

Strain is gone

I originally sought lessons to relieve stress on my throat as I’m singing a lot with a band. Following the training and techniques, the strain is gone, my range has already increased 1 1/2 steps, and the quality of my voice and ease of singing has improved dramatically. Awesome!


Ciara R.

Found my own sound

Friendly, knowledgeable, professional, with tons of personalized feedback and effective direction. Would recommend to anyone who wants to improve their vocal technique and find their own sound.


David D.

Expanded my range

I expanded my range within the first few lessons and it keeps going as time goes on. Each lesson is tailored to what you want to work on or what you’re currently struggling with, so it’s highly personalized to your specific voice (and goals). It’s been eye opening to me how important technique is, I’m now easily singing along with songs I thought were beyond my abilities. If you’ve been wanting to improve your singing, whether as a current professional who wants to take it to the next level or just someone who enjoys singing and wants to get the most out of their voice – I’d highly recommend Rock Singing Lessons, it’s well worth the money.


Chad P.

Learned key methodology and anatomy

The instructors really know their stuff and are incredibly easy to work with! The focus on methodology and anatomy really help you hone in on any specific vocal quality that you want to strengthen.


Erika M.

Improved pitch and increased range

I feel very lucky to have discovered Rock Singing Lessons amongst the many vocal coaches out there. My main goals were to improve my pitch and increase my range, and I’ve improved both drastically.


Bart H.

Able to sing notes I didn’t even think were possible

My experience was fun, professional, and I received a ton of value! I was able to sing notes I didn’t even think were possible after just one lesson! I learned how to extend my range, conceptualize and visualize how to place the sound and hold tension. Most of all I have a confidence in my voice that I CAN sing like I’ve always desired. It was a great experience and I’m excited for future lessons!


Michaele B.

Understand my voice as an instrument

I was quite tentative about taking singing lessons online at first. After the first lesson I was definitely impressed. The first lesson was mainly assessing my voice, range and abilities in order to establish a baseline of where I am beginning. After only a few lessons my high range was increased three semitones. I have a much better understanding of how my voice actually functions as an instrument and am looking to the future with much confidence. It’s really quite simple…do the voice training exercises daily and you are going to see real results! And the best part is you see real results quickly!


Doug W.

Fixed my scream

I have fixed my scream and opened up my singing range to a level I never could have imagined. If you are looking for a great vocal coach with outstanding knowledge of the craft and industry look no further!


Tim G.

Gained strength and coordination

I learned vocal theory that I was never taught by voice teachers before. Having science as teaching tool helps me to understand everything that’s going on with my voice. I have much better strength, coordination, recovery and awareness than ever before. Oh yeah, I sing better too across my whole range! Don’t hesitate, sign up before you miss out.


Dave F.

Developed my own vocal style

I’ve always liked singing, but had no idea what I was doing technique-wise. When I started a new band, I wanted to make sure I was singing properly, with a good range and proper projection. I chose Rock Singing Lessons, because you’re able to develop your own vocal style, whatever that may be. You start at the fundamentals, which are absolutely ESSENTIAL before you start increasing range. When I started, I couldn’t hit an A note and hurt my vocal cords when I tried. Within a week or two I was hitting the A comfortably with proper placement and projection. I’ve been going just under two months and now I can touch a C. Whether you want to sing opera, rock, pop, sing with grit or even scream, you can develop your own voice. Couldn’t be happier with the progress and I’m excited for what’s to come!


Kerry S.

No more strain

Fantastic vocal coaches who can work with you on all contemporary genres — without strain. I highly recommend them whether you sing rock, pop, country, jazz or blues!


SaraEllen H.

I have a more versatile voice

I’ve been training my voice for ten years now. I’ve worked with a lot of well-known teachers. I came to Rock Singing Lessons looking to make my voice more versatile, specifically for rock-based music. I’ve learned a lot about compression, distortion, and how to apply this knowledge to songs.


Chris G.

Singing with power in my upper range

I have been trying to teach myself to sing for many years, and in just four or five lessons, I am able to things with my voice that I didn’t think were possible. When I started, a G4 was a challenge and I had no useable head voice/upper range. Now I’m singing A4 in full voice and my head voice easily goes up to D#5, and I’ve even screamed up to a A5. I’ve got a long way to go to make all of these notes musical, but I have no doubts that I can now get there. If you want an instructor who has encyclopedic knowledge of the mechanism of singing, who knows HOW to teach, someone who is responsive to emails and makes you feel like you are they’re student all the time instead of just when you are in a lesson, this is the place for you.


Scott W.

Better resonance, projection & control

Recently, 2 months ago, I began taking voice lessons from Rock Singing Lessons. I am so excited about the results I have had with my voice. I have better resonance, projection, & control of my voice without strain. I really feel my lessons are specific to my needs & the exercises that will benefit my voice. Yeah, lessons for anything are not cheap but they offer different lesson options. I did the 4 day online mini course first & scheduled the first eval & lesson, so worth it! So skip the am coffee shop for a month & get yourself scheduled. Absolutely no regrets that I did.


Renee R.

A whole new level of confidence

I can’t say enough good things about Rock Singing Lessons! I have a whole new level of confidence in my vocal abilities thanks to working with my instructor for the past couple of years AND I could hear and feel a difference in my voice almost right away.


Treanna M.