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Success Stories

I have fixed my scream and opened up my singing range to a level I never could have imagined. If you are looking for a great vocal coach with outstanding knowledge of the craft and industry look no further!

Tim Graham


I expanded my range within the first few lessons and it keeps going as time goes on. Each lesson is tailored to what you want to work on or what you’re currently struggling with, so it’s highly personalized to your specific voice. It’s been eye-opening to me how important technique is. I’m now easily singing along with songs I thought were beyond my abilities.

Chad Pinkerman


The best instruction for screaming & grit I’ve found anywhere…by a landslide! I love Melissa Cross, but her DVD’s don’t come anywhere CLOSE to this! I had high hopes, and Rock Singing Lessons exceeded them all. The exercises are practical, and best of all – they work!

Jordan Crowe

Silence the Crow