Student Policy

Rock Singing Lessons is committed to bringing the highest quality of vocal training to each and every student. To do this, it is important to have clear guidelines by which lessons will be conducted. This agreement has been put in place to promote commitment and progress on behalf of all students. Please take the time to carefully read this document so that all policies are clear.

You agree to the following terms and conditions when you register for a lesson with Rock Singing Lessons.

1.) Payment

Complete payment is due the third of every month, for the current month. Lessons slots will not be reserved for you if you have not paid, and lessons will not be given if you have an outstanding balance.  For recurring lessons, Invoices will automatically sent out on the first of each month and are due on the third. For individually scheduled lessons, payment is due a minimum of one week prior to the lesson. You can make one-time payments online or enroll in auto-pay through the student portal. If there is a change in lesson rates, you will be given a 1-month notice.

2.) Scheduling, Cancellation and Rescheduling

Once your lessons are booked, the time is reserved for you. If you must reschedule, we ask for at least a one-week notice in order to reschedule your lesson to another available lesson time. If you wish to have a rescheduled lesson that creates two lessons in one week, you must also commit to extra practicing to make the extra lesson worthwhile. If one-week’s notice is not given, you forfeit your ability to reschedule your lesson.

If there is an emergency and you are unable to provide a one-week notice, please provide at least 2 business days notice to your instructor, as well as any current questions, obstacles, and concerns with your singing or training, and the Instructor will provide a recorded video make-up lesson for you to watch on your own. Without proper notice, you forfeit receiving a recorded video make-up lesson. Make-up lessons expire after 90-days.

We ask for a 30-day notice to pause/cancel lessons. If you wish to take more than two weeks off, and still plan on returning, you need to provide a 30-day notice. There are two options: 1) pay 100% for the time slot and make up all lessons when they get back with a 3-month time limit on when they are made up or 2) pay nothing but risk someone else taking the time slot.

If you are unable to provide a 30-day notice to pause/cancel lessons, Rock Singing Lessons cannot guarantee your lesson slot, rate, or current instructor’s availability. Providing ample notice of your desire to pause or cancel lessons allows other students to have an opportunity for training with the a Rock Singing Lessons instructor.

Terms. Weekly refers to lessons scheduled recurring each week for up to 4 times per month. If there is an extra lesson day in a given month, the instructor will work with you to arrange which of the weeks to schedule in order to have 4 lessons that month. Bi-Weekly refers to lessons schedule recurring every other week for up to 2 times per month. If there is an extra lesson day in a given month, the instructor will work with you to arrange which of the weeks to schedule in order to have 2 lessons that month. One-off refers to individually scheduled lessons and are a more flexible option available if you do not wish to commit to recurring schedule (these individually scheduled lessons are highly suggested for those that already have covered the essentials, and need an occasional refresher in their training).

If the instructor cancels a lesson for any reason, a) the instructor or admin will reschedule the lesson, or b) offer you a make-up credit to be used within 3-months or c) the instructor will provide a video make-up lesson.

No reschedules or video make-up lessons will be given if you miss a lesson. Missed lessons are those that you are more than 10-minutes late with no communication. In this event, you forfeit your payment for that lesson. If you are going to be late please call or text your instructor as soon as you know, and they will try and accommodate your time as their schedule allows.

All sales are final and non-refundable. Rock Singing Lessons does not offer refunds for lessons, packages, or other services. However, all payments will be credited to the student’s account. Payments including lesson packages are allotted six months from date of purchase to be redeemed. Failure to use the service does not constitute a basis for refunding any of the associated charges.

3.) Lessons will run ‘year round’

Lessons continue year round with the exception for scheduled vacation. Scheduled vacation weeks include: Thanksgiving week, the week between Christmas and New Years, a week for Spring and a week for Summer break. These breaks will be shared with you with at least 30-days notice. Any other instructor time off will be coordinated with you so that lessons may be rescheduled.

4.) Liability

No instructor of Rock Singing Lessons is liable for injury of any kind or damage to personal property during or related to voice lessons. You agree lessons and training are at your own risk.

5.) Termination

Once this agreement is agreed to through lesson registration, lessons are always on until you initiate termination. This means your time slot is reserved for you and it is assumed that you are continuing until you notify Rock Singing Lessons in written form (including but not limited to email) that you are terminating. Again, we ask for 30-days notice to pause/cancel lessons, if you are unable to provide a 30-days notice, Rock Singing Lessons cannot guarantee your lesson slot, rate, or current instructor’s availability.

Rock Singing Lessons reserves the right to terminate any student “at will,” for any reason an instructor sees fit, including but not limited to, lack of payment, excessive cancellations, disruptive behavior, and insufficient effort or lack of progress due to lack of practice. All students will be held accountable for their own results, and individual progress affects integrity of time spent in lessons.

6.) Copyright and Redistribution

All course materials provided by the instructor are copyrighted and the property of the instructor and their respective owners, and are intended for the individual personal use ONLY. No redistribution or other means of sharing these materials is permitted. Purchasing lessons does not give you any ownership of the information, or rights to distribute it in any manner without the full consent of the Instructor and other respective copyright owners. Failure to comply may result in termination of lessons and possible legal action.

7.) Media Ownership Rights

Rock Singing Lessons reserves ownership, rights and distribution to any and all video and audio recordings done in lessons. These materials are only shared with you as added-value materials. No redistribution or copying of recorded materials is permitted without expressed permission by Rock Singing Lessons and other people who may appear in the recording.

8.) Required Materials For Lessons

A separate device may be necessary for you to play music tracks during a lesson, especially for those not on an Apple system. Other devices and materials for vocal health and exercise may be suggested during the lessons.