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– The Rock Singing Lessons Team

Sing with power. Scream without strain.

This is what we do at Rock Singing Lessons.

What Students Are Saying

I’m learning to scream better and to sing with a better tone while using grit. Plus the cry vocal mode is so damn effective, it added the extra push to the scrams and overall in my singing.
Sunil Menon
I absolutely loved the course!! Super helpful and no bull! You get a lot of visual examples which really helps you understand how to place your voice without hurting yourself!
Filipe Martins
Amazingly in-depth and informative. Progressing through each video feels like wandering through sacred and secret techniques of the vocals!
Curtis Alcroft
I’ve seen close to twenty paid singing courses that repeat the same things over and over again. But these courses actually tell you the HOW (as in how to physically produce the sound) and most importantly, WHY you are doing it and how it applies to singing.
Maros Santana