Any voice teacher can claim to teach you to sing.  But can they teach you to develop *your* unique sound and have confidence in *your* unique voice?

I was asked recently “What method do you use to teach rock vocalists?

And so, I thought this would be a great place for me to answer – what I teach and how
The pedagogy I lean on the most is TVS Method, which was developed from Maestro David Kyle’s teachings. Maestro Kyle taught Geoff Tate, Chris Cornell, Layne Staley, and Anne Wilson, among many others, going all the way back to Bing Crosby. He was my teacher’s teacher. I’ve also adapted quite a few things from various other teachers and with my own students’ feedback, ranging from R&B to Metal screaming. Mostly, I try to adapt and move with whatever seems to really work well for you as an individual. Range and power are two of the biggest results I’ve seen with my students.

Technically speaking, the TVS methodology, and what I’ve been able to add to it, uses specialized onsets (how you start a sound) to help train very specific coordinations/control and strength. It also covers multiple vocal modes, much like some other very well known pedagogies, but in much more detail in application. There are specific training routines and workflows to get the results you want, including various sound colors and foundational physiology. In other words, we will go into as much detail as you need to understand and control muscle groupings that get can sing without strain.

In fact, one of the very first things we’ll focus on is bridging and connecting the voice, where you have a single, seamless voice, rather than a vocal break between head and chest registers. Then I’ll help you learn how to control TA (chest voice musculature) separately, where you can add it to your liking into head voice notes.

You won’t end up sounding like any one singer. You won’t end up sounding like me.  What you will get is a reliable training method and the feedback you need to get the voice you want!  Learn to sing like the pros – it’s easier than you think. Request a lesson today (1/2 off your first lesson)!